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Your kitchen or bathroom’s usefulness does not end at the amount of storage space you have. The correct countertop can make your kitchen more practical and better looking. Whether you just need a nice counter for in your bathroom or you would like something a little more solid in the kitchen that can handle everyday use, Raven’s Craft sells and installs the perfect countertop for you. Contact Raven’s Craft for a free estimate at (301) 687-0380. CONTACT US TODAY >>

We Work with a Variety

of Countertop Types

Granite cannot be damaged by hot pots or pans, and can even be used as a cutting board. Stain-resistant, these countertops can add class and value to your home.

Offering many of the same benefits as granite, quartz countertops also do not chip or crack as easily. Quartz is available in more colors and varieties than granite, and it adds the same class and style to your home.

Less expensive and easy to install, laminate countertops are also easy to clean. Laminate comes in many different colors and styles, and can mimic the look of granite, marble, and more.

Non-porous, solid surface counter tops are made with 100% acrylic.  These strong counter tops are extremely sanitary.

Add Style to Your Bathroom

with Beautiful Countertops

For a modern, beautiful touch to your bathroom, consider updating your countertop and installing new fixtures. A beautiful countertop can make your bathroom look brand new and add value to your home. Everyone loves a spa-quality bathroom, whether you are selling your home or not. Upgrade your bathroom today with a new countertop and STYLISH CABINETS. >>