Personal Closets

for More Storage

Custom Closets for Customers

from Barton, Maryland, to Augusta, West Virginia

Closets Made to Fit

Your Needs & Space

When you start to run out of space in your home, do not worry about moving, just call Raven’s Craft! We can create custom closets to add more storage to your bedroom, home office, and more. Created to your specifications, these closets are beautiful additions to any room in your Barton, MD, or Augusta, WV home. Cotnact us today for a free estimate at (301) 687-0380. CONTACT US TODAY >>

Add Additional Storage

to Any Room

Whether you need just a few more shelves to put things on or you want a completely new closet built, we can create exactly what you want. Our expert craftsman can design either a free-standing wardrobe or create a closet built into the wall. No matter what you need to store and no matter how big you need it to be, Raven’s Craft will create a beautiful and practical closet for you.

Custom Wardrobes

for Maximum Space in Small Spaces

If you have a small room, a custom wardrobe is perfect to add more storage. We can create wardrobes with drawers, doors, and plenty of hanging room to take advantage of all of the available space. We will take your space’s exact measurements before creating the perfect piece that will look right at home in your room. Contact us today for more information.

A Perfect Closet

Made Just for You

When the expert craftsman at Raven’s Craft begins to design your custom closet, we invite you to be a part of the process. Tell us exactly what you will be using the closet for and we can design something beautiful for you. Style what the outside looks like by choosing door styles and inlays, and choosing a color of paint or stain. For the inside, we can create the exact amount of storage you need. From drawers to hanging bars, to cabinets, and more, Raven’s Craft can design and build exactly what you need.